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The Profitable Advantages of Leasing

  • Conservation of Working Capital
    Leasing preserves working capital for use where it produces the best return so your funds are not tied up in equipment.
  • Conservation of Credit Lines
    Leasing allows your existing credit lines to stay at their peak for short term needs or investment opportunities.
  • Budget Restrictions
    Minimum cash outlay plus moderate payments enable you to fit the lease into the tightest budget.
  • Fixed Interest Rates
    Interest rates and payments are fixed to protect you against inflation or stock market volatility.
  • Equity
    Leasing provides 100% financing on new or used equipment and removes the need for equity financing.
  • Tax Position
    - Deduct all or most of the monthly payments from your taxable income. (Please check with your accounting advisor for specifics.)
  • Off Balance Sheet Financing
    Qualifying leases may provide for off balance sheet accounting treatment, thereby preserving your debt ratios.
  • Simplified Documentation & Billing
    Small ticket transactions require just a convenient one-page credit application.
  • The effective cost of equipment leasing is generally less than the purchase price when considering the full tax deductibility of leases.
    Cash and machines are working assets. Without your cash being tied up in the equipment, you have both assets working for you! This is particularly important under conditions of high-priced money, inflation, and cost squeezes.

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